What I Do

For over thirty-five years, I have been lucky enough to work internationally as well as in the UK. My work is for people of all ages. There is also a video of my interview for Conscious.tv, which introduces me and my work in general – or at least how I got to work in the way I do! (you have to scroll down quite a few pages to find it – sorry!)

As many of you live some distance away, I am always happy to travel to your area by invitation. Below, are some suggestions of groups and gatherings that could be arranged:

Insights & Life Review: (ind.sessions & mini groups), Talks, Conscious Ageing, Workshops/Retreats and Ceremonies are all possible. Then there is Last but Certainly Not Least! To go straight there and read the explanation of how and why I started this web site – please click here. You can also check on my Schedule for anything current.

(Of course, a free place/session and percentage of profit would be given for organising a working visit.) All you have to do is read below for your preferences, then contact me and we can have a conversation to help you decide what you would like to do.

“I employed Persephone Arbour, through UWA Extension at the University of Western Australia from 1993 until her return to the UK in 2001. She taught seminars in writing, meditation, personal development and programmes specifically designed for the over 50s. She proved herself an informative, inspiring public lecturer and we were most happy to be one of the sponsors for the Growing into Wisdom conference in 1999 that she convened. Persephone always had excellent evaluations from the courses she ran and is a creative, skillful, empathetic and innovative presenter who is totally dependable and reliable. Outside the University, as a columnist for NOVA magazine, she became well known to many for her insightful, truthful and deep understanding of the human psyche. She is a wise woman.”
Kim D. Roberts MA(UWA), M Litt (Oxon), DMS, Director UWA Extension University of Western Australia

INSIGHTS & LIFE REVIEW- Face to face, Skype or telephone individual mentoring sessions/Mini-Groups:
These sessions closely explore the unfolding of people’s lives, whatever age they might be, both practically and spiritually. Each session lasts for two and a half hours, and is complete in itself. After many years in a more conventional counselling practice, I prefer to work as a mentor, rather than therapist. These extended sessions allow time for you to consider, discuss, contemplate, communicate and most importantly – be heard. In addition I offer these longer sessions for small groups of two or three. These sessions would need to be in person as are not suitable for Skype or telephone. The energy is shared and support systems are put in place to enable the exploration together afterwards. It is also possible to work in shorter sessions of one hour for those of you more focused on an immediate concern, supervision, or as a follow up to a longer session. These are by appointment only, please contact me for costs and more information.

“ I so often pay thanks to the universe for your wise words, gentleness and kindness; taking them on board has led me to the most extraordinary new life adventure and to meet some very beautiful, beautiful people. Thank you for sharing a very valuable part of my life Persephone”
Carol Lawrence (Southsea UK)

I give talks on many aspects of personal and spiritual development. These cover a wide range of subjects and can be adapted to suit any audience of any age. Some suggestions below:

Ageing and Sensuality
Bolder & Older;
Conscious Ageing – “The Grand Adventure?”
The Changing Face of Ceremonies
Growing into Wisdom
Gurus and Communes
Listening to the Body
Living a Life with Meaning
Meditation Made Ordinary
Natural Therapy
The Nature of Relationship
The Nature of Passion
Public Speaking
When is Enough Enough?

“Persephone’s wealth of experience in the field of human development and the growth movement has rewarded her with an ability to touch people’s lives on both a personal and professional level. . . I would call her a great Communicator. She has a mastery of language, demonstrated in her love of writing, public speaking, teaching and one-on-one encounters with people that is free of airs, judgements and personal vanity but commands a quiet authority that draws people to listen.”
Sui Oakland, BA, Founding Editor, Nova Holistic Journal (Australia)

These days I work often, ‘though certainly not exclusively, with people over 50 years old. It is a natural progression for me, as an older woman, to share my life’s experience with others. These ‘Conscious Ageing’ meetings include simple structures to help answer any questions about the fears, concerns and delights of growing older. There is also time for quiet introspection – and laughter! N.B.Younger people who are wise enough to look ahead also find these meetings helpful and unexpectedly uplifting.

“I would put the importance of these subjects to be number one on the list for all ages of people who want to know themselves.”
Geraldine Evans,(82) (UK)

For over thirty years I have been facilitating workshops and retreats. The retreats are for quiet reflection, inner exploration and food for the soul. The workshops cover creative writing, communication and gentle body work that I call Body Tuning. These are open to people of all ages. In addition, under the collective title of Conscious Ageing – the Grand Aadventure?, I run small groups that want to explore in depth what it means to grow older with grace and delight.

“A gracious and wise woman, whose writing has the ability to touch the heart and stir the soul. Persephone writes from a place of deep wisdom, sharing from her own life experience, a wealth of knowledge and an innate sense of connection to existence. Take a journey through her writings and you will see what I mean.”
Marie-Elise Allen (Australia)

“I am delighted with the space you create that enables me to explore . . .at the time it seems almost too simple . . its in large part your lack of expectation that makes it all such a powerful process”
Geoff Watson (London)

For about six years in Australia and now for another eight here in the UK, I work as a civil celebrant for funerals, weddings and namings. These are for people who would prefer to have these rites of passage celebrated in ways that are unique to those concerned, rather than necessarily adhering to any dogma or religion. I work locally in Dorset, E. Devon, S. Somerset, W. Hampshire and occasionally in London.

“I would like to thank you for your deep attention, clarity and care at John’s funeral. Friends who were there thought that you must have been a family member in order to speak about him so eloquently! The girls and I also want to thank you for the sensitivity, suggestions and patience, that you showed throughout the interview. Talking about John and answering your questions was a great help, and lifted the load a little. It was exactly what we wanted – and more. Thanks again.”
Mary B.(UK)


This is where my life’s variety of skills, growth and work come together. Initially the idea sprang from a wish to get my writings ‘out there’. I thought, “I have thousands and thousands of words saved on my computer, let’s use them in some way.” Luckily, my youngest son is a website designer and knew exactly the sort of uncomplicated site that I needed. Then I discovered a young ‘Mac’ genius, who lives very close and is my webmaster extraordinaire. He has the ability to put the wild ideas in my mind into reality. Without these two young men, you would not be reading this now, they both have my loving and fervent thanks.

That is how we began. . . . However one imagines the future, it never turns out quite like that does it? This site has developed way beyond what I could have imagined. The main thrill has been the material that has drifted onto my path from readers and from other unexpected sources. It is very rare that I have to go looking for items to share with you. My job as Editor is very simple – to edit. Of course there has to be some judicious choices made about the pieces suggested, but not much finishes up in the bin.

Another bonus on this website journey, is those of you whom I meet. Lovely letters that warm my heart have been e-mailed from many of you; helpful suggestions also. One such is James Bonser, whose name regular readers will recognise from his post comments and also one or two things originally from him that have been posted. The other day I asked his opinion about this ‘What I Do Page’, (he is a therapist and understands my world) and asked him to comment and suggest. Liking my revamp of this page, he simply said “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!” and sent me these words:

One day, at my computer and staring through the window, my focus wandered to a website hosted by Persephone Arbour. Here was a classically trained musician; someone that not only knew of rhythm, tempo and expression, but felt it too, deep within. She was also aware that the lone playing of an oboe, was merely practice. A time would come when she would play in the middle of a large orchestra and something more expansive would emerge.

As I read further, I came to understand that the embodiment of that expansion did not stop with her musicianship. This is the thread that has been clearly stitched throughout her whole being. As a musician you seek to improve, become more adventurous, beyond that which you were taught. You also know that you will never be satisfied with the result; it is what drives you. Persephone’s search for that perfect note in her life took her on many adventures. It offered her confrontation, despair, risk, many loves and great joy, all of which in the end, make her the person she is today.

She has touched many lives on her journey, and she ain’t done yet. If you take the time to read her words, you may find yourself opening your eyes to new possibilities. I believe her greatest gift to us all is her respect for life – just as it is. I have never actually met Persephone, so you might wonder how I became aware of so much about her? My response is: read her for yourself, she will not hide or play games with you. Life and the living of it has stripped away the drama and any pretences. She is, what she is. And, the wealth of knowledge she developed over the years is available to all those who may seek her out.”

These caring words made me cry – nothing more to say other than “Thank you, dear James, and all those of you who have written me words of encouragement.”