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Book: This Above All: Hamlet and the Art of Ageing Brilliantly by Josephine Griffiths

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This book is a “must read” for all women, whatever their age. However, it is specifically written for us older women.(men could find it useful too!) Josephine was my wise, intelligent and patient counsellor when I lived in Perth, W.Australia. Her talent for listening and her bright sense of humour helped me through my own early ageing dramas. As a ‘Misfit’ (Josephine explains this below!) myself, I can highly recommend her intelligent and insightful writing as well as her compassion for this potentially troublesome time of life.

This Above All: Hamlet and the Art of Ageing Brilliantly
by Josephine Griffiths.

She writes: “This above all, to thine own self be true” is a fine slogan for any time of our lives but it works especially well for Misfits and women who are no longer young. This is a book for grown women (and Misfits) who have progressed through the old and the new books on personal growth and find these books no longer speak to where they are in their lives.
Mature women are past the elementary stages of self understanding; the issues and concerns of their lives are not what they were when they were young women, wives and mothers. This book has been especially designed for women who do not fit the common mould, the stereotype of ‘older women’, hence the accent on Misfits. It is for women who rejoice in life and want to live everyday to the fullest.

Paperback (978-0-9579701-7-5) $25 (AUD) plus P&H
Digital (978-0-9579701-8-2) $12 (AUD)

To purchase: email – jojo1@iinet.net.au and include your mailing address.
She will invoice you via PayPal

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