“I employed Persephone Arbour, through UWA Extension at the University of Western Australia from 1993 until her return to the UK in 2001. She taught seminars in writing, meditation, personal development and programmes specifically designed for the over 50s. She proved herself an informative, inspiring public lecturer and we were most happy to be one of the sponsors for the Growing into Wisdom conference in 1999 that she convened. Persephone always had excellent evaluations from the courses she ran and is a creative, skillful, empathetic and innovative presenter who is totally dependable and reliable. Outside the University, as a columnist for NOVA magazine, she became well known to many for her insightful, truthful and deep understanding of the human psyche. She is a wise woman.”
Kim D. Roberts MA(UWA), M Litt (Oxon), DMS
Director UWA Extension University of Western Australia

A gracious and wise woman, whose writing has the ability to touch the heart and stir the soul. Persephone writes from a place of deep wisdom, sharing from her own life experience, a wealth of knowledge and an innate sense of connection to existence. Take a journey through her writings and you will see what I mean. Marie-Elise Allen (Australia)

“Persephone’s wealth of experience in the field of human development and the growth movement has rewarded her with an ability to touch people’s lives, on both a personal and professional level. . . I would call her a great Communicator. She has a mastery of language, demonstrated in her love of writing, public speaking, teaching and one-on-one encounters with people that is free of airs, judgements and personal vanity but commands a quiet authority that draws people to listen.”
Sui Oakland, BA, Founding Editor, Nova Holistic Journal, Australia

“ I so often pay thanks to the universe for your wise words, gentleness and kindness; taking them on board has led me to the most extraordinary new life adventure and to meet some very beautiful, beautiful people. Thank you for sharing a very valuable part of my life Persephone”
Carol Lawrence, Southsea UK

“I am delighted with the space you create that enables me to explore . . .at the time it seems almost too simple . . its in large part your lack of expectation that makes it all such a powerful process”
Geoff Watson, Western Australia