Jun 07

Poem: In tribute to Michael Scott-Byrne, ‘A meeting in the Bush’ by Persephone

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A tribute to Michael Scott-Byrne, whose poetry classees I attended. At one of them he gave a reading of ‘Roe-Deer’ by Ted Hughes, about the meeting of deer in the snow. This reading inspired me to write the following poem, in memory of my time in Australia:

A Meeting in the Bush   
by Persephone

Silver grey mist
Of gum trees shimmer
Crackle of hidden
Fire-dried twigs
Heavy scented
Weight laden air
Ants scurrying in
Their concentrated work
Around the red brown
Rock on which I sit.

Suddenly, silently

He appears. . .
A huge red presence,
Two small paws held high
Supported by gigantic
Thighs and tail
Frozen in stillness
Non threatening, benign
Beautiful eyes look
Deep into mine
Meeting in aspic-held time
No fear, no shock – just love.

Suddenly, silently

He turns to go . . . .
Looking back once
As if to smile
I return to my silence
Filled to the brim
Grateful for privilege
Of meeting him.

Thank you Michael for your patience, skill and knowledge. The fact that I started writing poetry again is thanks to you. I miss your wisdom and your poetry.

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