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From time to time, as well as my own writings, I will adding others’ also. These will be posted in the usual way, so you will know when they wil appear here. First here are a group from:

Turning Pages
A collection of comments on, and conundrums of my fully-lived life.

download: And my Heart was Touched (37.43KB)
added: 24/11/2009 | clicks: 2213
This article, written in September 1994 is to introduce myself and give you a flavour of my own spiritual journey.

download: Inconvenience (35.81KB)
added: 24/11/2009 | clicks: 1915
Al Gore’s uncompromising film has a most important word in it: INCONVENIENT – how very true!

download: Travel into the Unknown (29.84KB)
added: 24/11/2009 | clicks: 1872
I love to travel. There is always the element of unknown possibility.

download: Money & Trust (37.29KB)
added: 24/11/2009 | clicks: 1876
I thought these two words might just bring a smile and a tad of optimism at this time!

download: Listening at Christmas (23.01KB)
added: 24/11/2009 | clicks: 1849
A different way of looking at this festival.

download: Growing into Wisdom (23.84KB)
added: 24/11/2009 | clicks: 1858
Wisdom does not come as a right of old age – she has to be invited.

download: A Spiritual Puzzle – Clarified? (22.36KB)
added: 24/11/2009 | clicks: 1889
The first attempt to write down my reasons for leaving the organization of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, now known as Osho.

download: Meeting & Relating (28.90KB)
added: 24/11/2009 | clicks: 1927
Krishnamurti is quoted as saying that when two people meet, two images meet.