Good, supporting and accepting parents passed on their talents of writing and music. My Aries horoscope has been pretty well spot on – enabling me to take jumps and risks that, although not always wise, have constantly enriched my life.

As a scholarship girl in a posh boarding school – hard lessons were learned about survival. Paradoxically, that same school supported my musicianship and lent me my first oboe. This led to four years at the Royal Academy of Music and ten more working as a professional oboist. Also during that time, marriage and four wonderful children happened – as did divorce and single motherhood.

My focus changed in the 1970’s on discovering the early days of humanistic psychology in London. Firstly on my own personal and spiritual search, then training as a counsellor and group facilitator in the UK and USA. Included in this time were eleven, extraordinary and life-changing years spent as a disciple of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (now known as Osho).

Later, whilst living in Australia I discovered writing, and have been writing in one form or another ever since. As an older woman I became interested in exploring the natural phenomena that arise in this stage of life. I had no idea of the depth, insights and yes, the excitement and discovery that is available to us so-called older people. This interest encouraged me to convene a conference in 1999 for the United Nations Year of the Older Person. That experience opened up a whole new way of working which I continue to this day.

Now based in the UK, there is still an innate trust in the process of life itself. The way it unfolds excites and fascinates me. In my 80th year now I seem to have dropped most of the drive that made me explore life with such intensity and zeal. However, my ‘search’ for what is called enlightenment appears to have dropped away. When people ask me what I am doing – the word ‘seek’ or ‘search’ never seems to appear in our conversations. Many of my closest friends are sincerely and diligently still following a variety of brilliant teachers and teachings, and invite me to join them. My response always is – thank you, but no thank you.  I really don’t know whether I have rather lazily  ‘dropped out’ of that world, or whether it has ‘dropped’ me!

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